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Fusion Fiber Internet

As more and more of our lives demand connectivity to the internet, we realize the importance of maintaining a high-performing, reliable internet connection. So, each day, make it our mission to deliver simple, easy to use connections so that we can keep you connected to what matters most.

Alpine 100
(100/100 Mbps)
Perfect for browsing, social media, and streaming video (standard video). Ideal for up to 5 devices.
Alpine 300
(300/300 Mbps)
Great for streaming TV (HD video), smart homes devices, remote work, distance learning, social media, security systems/cameras and general browsing. Ideal for 5+ devices.
Alpine 500
(500/500 Mbps)
Preferred for streaming 4K and 8K (video) TV, smart homes devices, remote work, distance learning, social media, security systems/cameras and general browsing. Ideal for 15+ devices.


Free Extras With Every High Speed Internet Package. Alpine High Speed Internet is an all-around excellent value. Not only do you get high speeds at low monthly rates, but we also give you these FREE extras:

  • FREE 5 email accounts on with spam and virus filtering
  • FREE 24×7  Internet Tech Support
  • FREE access to

Subscribe to our Alpine Fusion Residential Phone for only $10/month with our Fusion Fiber Network.

Great WiFi Experience in Every Room of Your Home

WiFi Connect, through Alpine Communications, makes it easy to enjoy robust and reliable WiFi throughout your whole home. Using a next-generations WiFi 6 router for seamless signal continuity and 24/7 remote support, Alpine delivers a 1 Watt output power (highest possible through FCC regulations) for hassle-free, superior internet connectivity. Learn More.


Protect Your Devices from Threats

Your life is already hectic enough without technology problems slowing you down. With Tech Home your technology is simplified! Tech Home makes it easy to setup, use, protect and enjoy your networked devices. Learn more.

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PLUS: Live streams with giveaways and other exclusive content, only available with an FGN account!If you already have an account, log in today to view and register for upcoming events. And if you don’t—what are you waiting for? Sign up for free by clicking here.

WiFi Calling

Do you live in a rural area or work in a building with poor cellular reception? Switch to Alpine Wireless and make calls no matter how many bars you have – even when you have no cellular voice signal at all!  As long as you have Alpine WiFi nearby, you can use it to make your wireless calls. Learn More.

Fiber internet is not available in all areas. For DSL packages, click here.


Need even more speed? Alpine Communications offers additional high-speed Internet plans. Please call (563) 245-4000 for details.

For more information on Alpine Communication’s products and/or services, please call 563-245-4000 or submit a request for information to Alpine's Customer Service Team, Click Here.

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