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Alpine Communications believes Whole-Home WiFi Connect helps you thrive.

That is why we want to help you become as connected as possible, as easily as possible, so you can talk to your family, work, enjoy entertainment and so much more.

WiFi for every room of your home, every device, every day.

We make it easy to enjoy fast and reliable WiFi throughout your home. Alpine Whole-Home WiFi Connect provides a next-generation WiFi 6 router for seamless signal continuity plus 24/7 remote support for a hassle-free experience.


If you’re frustrated with the poor performance and spotty WiFi coverage of your outdated router, it’s time to move to Whole-Home WiFi Connect.

Plenty for everyone: Game, stream movies, and connect to work or school–all at the same time, with no interruptions—with WiFi 6.

You’re in control: View and manage devices connected to your WiFi network, resolve performance issues with router resets and speed tests, and pause the internet with the SmartHub app.

Secure and worry-free: Powerful home WiFi that’s fully managed by Alpine Communications and controlled by you.

When you select Whole-Home WiFi Connect, you receive our full suite of network management. See how it compares when you use Alpine WiFi Connect versus installing yourself:




INSTALLATION : A local technician will come to your home and fully setup your WiFi network to ensure you can connect in all of the areas of your home.
EQUIPMENT : The router we install for you has been tested and trialed, minimizing WiFi connection problems. With WiFi 6 technology, you can connect up to 150 devices to your network. Furthermore, Whole-Home WiFi Connect enables you to add wireless mesh access points to eliminate WiFi dead zones.
MAINTENANCE & SUPPORT: Use the SmartHub app to view and manage devices connected to your WiFi network, resolve performance issues with router resets, speed tests, and pause the internet.


INSTALLATION : You set up the network yourself, which may take a long time if you’re not sure how to do it.
EQUIPMENT : You must stay up to date on which routers are most secure. This may include going through the hassle of purchasing a new one.
MAINTENANCE & SUPPORT: You must rely on spending hours researching and troubleshooting issues yourself, which oftentimes means waiting on hold, searching Web forums, or calling technical support in a foreign country.

Make Your Home a WiFi Powerhouse with WiFi 6

Alpine Communications gives your home an upgrade with a signal in every room, strong connections for all your devices, and increased speeds for faster online activity.

With Alpine WiFi Connect, you’ll receive:

  • A robust, whole-home WiFi solution so you can connect the way you want to
  • Our local expert will install WiFi in your home and customize based on your needs
  • Installation of an advanced router that’s able to support all of your devices so you can connect – without limits
  • Use SmartHub to view and manage your WiFi network and devices


Installation and optimization of the main router is a one-time fee of $100.00 and the low monthly rate is $9.95. Expand your WiFi coverage by approximately 1500 square feet per access point. Add a WiFi 5 access point for $4.95 per month each. Access point installation is $75.00 each. 

If you are looking for a service to help you stay easily connected, Alpine Whole-Home WiFi Connect is for you – call 563-245-4000 today to schedule an appointment or complete the form below:

For more information on Alpine Communication’s products and/or services, please call 563-245-4000 or submit a request for information to Alpine's Customer Service Team, Click Here.

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