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Communicate More Clearly with Business Phone Services

Since 1997, Alpine Communications has helped local businesses stay connected with the latest advancements in clear, dependable communications services. Whether you need help choosing the right telephone services for your businesses or the ability to scale your phone system for future growth, our responsive, reliable business phone service can’t be beat.

As the only full service telecom company in the area, Alpine Communications delivers local installation and support services provided by our own full-time, highly trained employees. We help businesses manage calls with a variety of products including multi-line business phone service, voicemail and caller ID.

A landline for your business will provide:

  1. Improved Call Quality – With a landline, your business will receive the clearest possible connections for conference calls or general customer service.
  2. Consistent Voice Quality – Cellular service can be spotty in some locations, making communication difficult or unreliable. This is especially true if your business is located in a metal or metal truss building.
  3. Listing in the Northeast Iowa Regional Telephone Directory White and the Yellow Pages – Many customers still depend on the physical phone book to look up businesses and online directories still scrub telephone directories for online listings. If you want local customers to find your business easily, a listing in the local telephone book is a great place to start.
  4. Responsive, Reliable Technical Support – When something goes wrong, you can’t afford to wait days or weeks for a technician to get to you. Alpine Communications has local, highly trained technicians on staff to respond to any service issues you may have.

Benefits of a Business Landline vs Cell Phones for Business

Are you using your personal cell phone for business because you are rarely in your office? Wireless telephone service is necessary, but it is not as dependable or as functional as a business line or multi-line phone system. At Alpine Communications, we offer landline business solutions for those business people who are out and about all day and need to communicate on the go.

For instance, many contractors and real estate agents rely heavily on their mobile phones to run their businesses.  However, this means customers can reach out to them 24/7 on their personal phones – not an ideal solution for work-life balance. With Alpine business solutions, calls made your business phone number can be forwarded to mobile phones, sent to voice mail or forwarded to another number. These tailored solutions help business people be more productive and maintain the privacy of their personal cell phone numbers.

Check out our pricing and services today for a business telephone services, and see how you can save by bundling your cable, internet, security services and more. 

Service Areas and Rates

Service Area Prefix Business First Line
Elgin 426 $31.00
Elkader 245 $31.00
Garber 255 $31.00
Garnavillo 964 $31.00
Guttenberg 252 $31.00
Marquette/McGregor 873 $31.00

No Long Distance Charges Between Exchanges Shown Below

There is no long distance toll charge for calls between the exchanges indicated below. When calling and EAS (extended area service) exchange, simply dial the 7-digit telephone number as listed in the directory. Please do NOT dial DDD Access “1” or dial the operator when placing EAS calls, or you will be charged for a long distance call.

To From
Elgin Clermont, Elkader, Garber, Garnavillo, Guttenberg, Marquette, McGregor
Elkader Farmersburg, St. Olaf, Volga, Elkader, Garber, Garnavillo, Guttenberg, Marquette, McGregor
Garber Elkader, Garber, Garnavillo, Guttenberg, Marquette, McGregor
Garnavillo Elkader, Garber, Garnavillo, Guttenberg, Marquette, McGregor
Guttenberg Elkader, Garber, Garnavillo, Guttenberg, Marquette, McGregor
Marquette/McGregor Prairie du Chien, Elkader, Garber, Garnavillo, Guttenberg, Marquette, McGregor

We Believe Connected Communities Thrive

When it comes to service calls, we don’t ask for a 4-hour window or an 8-hour window, making you work around our schedule. We understand that your time is important which is why all service calls are set up by appointment.

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