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What are Alpine Calling Features?

Alpine Calling Features are a group of powerful tools that you can incorporate into your life in order to increase your communications capacity & efficiency. Alpine provides an ample variety of features each of which is described on this web page. Explore the benefits of Alpine’s Calling Features. Alpine offers four different categories of features.


Voicemail Silver
Voicemail Gold
Voicemail Platinum
Voicemail to Email

Call Identification Features

Caller ID name & number
Caller ID number only
Call Waiting ID
Telemarketer Screening

Call Management Features

Call Waiting
Call Forwarding Basic
Call Forwarding Busy
Call Forwarding No Answer
Call Transfer
Distinctive Ringing
3-Way Calling
Speed Call – 8
Speed Call – 30

Call Control Features

Selective Call Forwarding
Selective Call Rejection
Priority Call
Last Call Return
Continuous Redial
Anonymous Call Rejection
Selective Call Acceptance
Warm Line

Many of Alpine’s services can be tailored into a package to save you money. Call for details.

Missed Calls can be Missed Opportunities…Find Me is the solution.

Customers and prospects want to talk to you NOW. (Or they may call someone else.)  Get Find Me from Alpine Communications and your calls will follow you to as many as five different phone numbers in the sequence you select.

Here’s how it works: You establish your primary line and then a list of other numbers at which you can be reached (like your cell phone and home phone). When someone calls your primary line and you don’t answer, Find Me automatically forwards the call to the pre-programmed number(s) you requested. Learn More.

Voicemail Silver – $4.50 per month

Voicemail answers your phone calls while you are unavailable. You can retrieve your voice messages at any time, from any phone phone, whether from home or a remote location, without the need of additional equipment. You will hear a stutter dial tone when there are new messages in your mailbox. You can record a personalized greeting or use the automatic default system greeting at any time. View our brochure.  Voicemail from Alpine includes unique features:

  • Out Dial – This feature allows you to dial 0 to call a preset number when reaching a mailbox. Exam-ple: “…Please leave a message at the tone, or press 0 to connect you to my cell phone.”
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Voicemail on FusionTV – In addition to Caller ID screen-pops, you can listen to voicemail messages on your TV. (Requires a voicemail subscription.)
  • Associated Numbers Optional – This features allows multiple phone numbers to share the same voicemail box. If a caller attempts to call any of these phone numbers, that subscriber’s one VM mailbox will play it’s greeting. This allows the subscriber to have to manage only ONE mailbox for all of these associated phone numbers. Up to a possible 9 phone numbers can share 1 voice mailbox. *Associated numbers may be added for $1.00 per additional line.

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Voicemail Gold – $5.95 per month

Add Sub-mailboxes and each user on a telephone line can have their own voice
mailbox. PIN access ensures privacy. Great for roommates, family members and
people who work out of their home.

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Voicemail Platinum – $7.95 per month

Increase your sub-mailboxes, maximum stored messages, message length, storage, message retention. Ideal for businesses.

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Voicemail to Email – Included with all Voicemail packages

This feature allows you not only to store your messages in your voicemail box, but it also converts the Voice Message into an E-mail. You can listen to or forward your messages, save or delete them from your voicemail box. This is very useful for those that have smartphones. You will never miss a message that is urgent because you are away from home.

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My Alpine Services Portal – Included with Voicemail packages

Customized to work with your lifestyle. When you log in to the My Alpine Services portal, you can easily customize the following features to suit your needs: Voicemail, FusionTV, On-Demand Conference Calling, Call History, Contacts, and more. Contact Customer Service or call (563) 245-4000 to set-up your portal access today.

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Caller ID Name & Number – $6.50 per month

Finally, a calling feature that lets you identify the origin of incoming calls before you answer them. Caller ID name & number displays the telephone number and the name of incoming callers on a special display telephone or call display unit. With Caller ID you can know who is calling before you answer the call. Caller ID requires the purchase of a Caller ID box that connects to your phone. Prices for displays vary, but normally range from $10 to $50.

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Caller ID Number Only – $4.50 per month

Caller ID displays the telephone number of incoming callers on a special display telephone or call display unit. Caller ID requires the purchase of a Caller ID box that connects to your phone. Prices for displays vary, but normally range from $10 to $50.

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Call Waiting ID – $1.00 per month

Call Waiting ID lets you know you have a call and even tells you who it is when you’re already on the phone. When you’re on the phone and someone else calls, first you hear the call-waiting tone followed by a high-pitched tone. Your compatible Caller ID unit or phone screen displays the name and number (in certain cases, number only) of your incoming call. You decide whether or not to interrupt the first call. Call waiting and Caller ID N/N must be present to take advantage of Call Waiting ID.

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Telemarketer Screening – $2.95 per month

Telemarketer Call Screening service intercepts telemarketing calls before your phone even rings. Our Telemarketer Call Screening ‘smart solution’ recognizes and allows calls from friends and relatives while screening out those unpleasant telemarketing phone surprises.

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Call Waiting – $4.50 per month

Call Waiting service alerts you to incoming calls while your line is in use. The service signals you with a tone.

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Call Forwarding Basic – $3.00 per month

Allows you to program your calls to ring at another number. Each time a call is forwarded, your phone will make one short ring. You can make calls normally from your telephone when it is in Call Forward mode. Call Forwarding takes precedence over Call Forwarding Busy Line & Call Forwarding No Answer.

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Call Forwarding Busy – $3.50 per month

Call Forwarding Busy automatically redirects your incoming calls to a predesignated telephone number or to Voice Mail when your line is busy. It can be easily turned on or off and you can change the forwarding number anytime.

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Call Forwarding No Answer – $3.50 per month

Call Forwarding No Answer automatically redirects all calls to another telephone number or to Voice Mail when your telephone is not answered. You can easily change the forwarding number and the amount of times that your phone will ring before your call gets forwarded.

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Call Transfer – $6.00 per month

Call Transfer allows you to transfer a call to another number or add a third person to a call. When you’re ready to hang up, the two other people can continue the conversation.

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Distinctive Ringing – $6.95 per month

Distinctive Ringing allows you to have two telephone numbers assigned to a single line and provides up to two distinctive ring patterns. With distinctive ringing you can know who the call is for as soon as your telephone rings.

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3-Way Calling – $3.00 per month

3-Way Calling allows you to add a third person to any call. It is a perfect feature to coordinate family schedules or hold a telephone conference with business colleagues.

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Speed Call-8 – $2.00 per month

Speed Call-8 allows you to program eight telephone numbers ( local or long distance) into your Speed Calling list. Then, you can reach those people by dialing just one digit.

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Speed Call-30 – $2.50 per month

Speed Call-30 allows you to have up to 30 numbers in your Speed Calling List.

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Selective Call Forwarding – $3.50 per month

Selective Call Forwarding allows you to decide which calls get forwarded to the number of your choice. You can program a list of numbers that you want forwarded and all other numbers will ring at your phone as usual.

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Selective Call Rejection – $4.50 per month

Selective Call Rejection allows you to program your phone to reject calls from any number you place in the rejection list. When your service is turned on, any callers in this list will hear an announcement that you are not accepting calls at this time. All other calls will ring as usual.

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Priority Call – $3.50 per month

Priority Call allows you to program a list of special callers. When this service is turned on, your phone uses a special ring to announce calls from any of those numbers. If you have Call Waiting, you will hear a special Call Waiting tone.

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Last Call Return – $3.00 per month

Last Call Return allows you to find out the last person who called and return the call. This service is ideal for those who cannot always get to the phone by four or five rings.

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Continuous Redial – $3.00 per month

Continuous Redial will dial a busy number until the line is free or for up to 30 minutes and then automatically ring you and connect you.

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Anonymous Call Rejection – $3.00 per month

Anonymous Call Rejection lets you block any calls from telephone numbers that choose to block their Caller ID from showing up on Caller ID. The caller will hear a message explaining that you do not wish to receive anonymous calls. In order to call you the caller will need to unblock their number and then place the call. This feature can be useful if you want to avoid annoying telemarketing calls, however it will not block all such calls.

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Selective Call Acceptance – $4.50 per month

Selective Call Acceptance allows you to program your phone so it will only accept calls from a special list of people. When your service is on, your phone will only accept calls from your Selective Call Acceptance List. All others will hear an announcement that you are not accepting calls at this time.

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Warm Line – $2.50 per month

Warm Line will automatically dial an emergency number for you if you remove the handset from the cradle but do not begin dialing within 30 seconds. You can designate any number you want and Warm Line will dial it 30 seconds after you lift the handset.

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For more information on Alpine Communication’s products and/or services, please call 563-245-4000 or submit a request for information to Alpine's Customer Service Team, Click Here.

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