Find Me

Missed Calls can be Missed Opportunities…

Find Me is the solution.

Customers and prospects want to talk to you NOW. (Or they may call someone else.)  Get Find Me from Alpine Communications and your calls will follow  you to as many as five different phone numbers in the sequence you select.

Here’s how it works: You establish your primary line and then a list of other numbers at which you can be reached (like your cell phone and home phone). When someone calls your primary line and you don’t answer, Find Me automatically forwards the call to the pre-programmed number(s) you requested.

With Find Me, callers will be able to reach you more easily, opening the door to increased appointments, listings, and sales. If you want a competitive edge, Find Me is one phone service you need.

Visit the Alpine Call Management Portal to manage your Find Me service.

Monthly Cost: $4.95


We Believe Connected Communities Thrive

When it comes to service calls, we don’t ask for a 4-hour window or an 8-hour window, making you work around our schedule. We understand that your time is important which is why all service calls are set up by appointment.

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