WiFi Calling

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Do you live in a rural area or work in a building with poor cellular reception? Switch to Alpine Wireless and make calls no matter how many bars you have – even when you have no cellular voice signal at all!  As long as you have Alpine WiFi nearby, you can use it to make your wireless calls.

WiFi Calling

WiFi Calling is the ability to make and receive phone calls using a WiFi network instead of the cellular network.
No. WiFi Calling is only available on select HD devices. Contact Alpine Communications to see if your device is compatible.
Yes. As long as you’re connected to a WiFi network, you can use WiFi Calling. If you are in a foreign country calling anywhere other than the US, you may incur additional charges based on international rates. Please contact Alpine Communications ahead of your travel to enable international dialing as well.
There is no additional cost for Wi-Fi Calling.
No. It is the end-user’s responsibility to update their location when travelling. Otherwise, you will not have an accurate location when using e911 services if a cellular network is unavailable to pinpoint their location.
Try turning on WiFi Calling when connected to a WiFi network. If you’ve tried and that didn’t work, try disconnecting from WiFi to turn it on.
Place the device in airplane mode, enable WiFi on the device, and connect to a WiFi network. Then place a call to test WiFi calling.

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