Alpine Communications is pleased to announce the launch of our all-new 100% fiber-optic Fusion Network to select areas of rural Guttenberg, Iowa. Once activated on the new Fusion Network, current Internet customers will receive increased Internet speeds at no extra charge. 

There is no cost to the customer to activate their Fusion Network service unless they subscribe to new services.

FusionTV is now available to rural customers because of Fusion fiber-optics. Introductory specials for FusionTV,  Fusion Internet, and WiFi Connect will be available for a limited time.

Fusion Internet Speed Upgrade Chart

With 100% Fusion fiber-optics, you can look forward to important advantages including:

  • Virtually unlimited bandwidth capacity
  • Much faster internet speeds
  • Increased service reliability
  • FusionTV

“The Fusion Network delivers the most advanced communications services over a strand of fiber comparable to the size of a human hair. Fiber technology has also been known to increase home values and boost economic growth for the communities that have it. We are excited and committed to building thriving communities with fiber-optic connections,” says Chris Hopp, Alpine General Manager.

For preferred scheduling, residents are encouraged to contact Alpine now at (563) 245-4000 for an appointment or complete the form below.