Wiring Your Business for the 21st Century

A key component of the 21st century business is telecommunications wiring. These wires have many new uses in the modern buildings, including:

  • Internet access
  • IP phone systems
  • Office security and surveillance systems
  • Remote heating and air conditioning monitors and controls
  • IPTV and interactive video
  • Conference room audio video equipment

With so many technologies relying on telecommunications wiring, and more “smart business” innovations emerging each day, it’s important to make sure your building has a solid telecommunications “backbone”.

Why is a wired network beneficial?

A wired network uses Ethernet cable to connect the computers to the network router. The advantages of a wired network compared to a wireless (Wi-Fi) network include:

  • Lower Cost – Wired networks are less expensive to install and maintain.
  • Higher Speed – Although Wi-Fi speeds are improving, in most cases the speed of a wireless network is still dwarfed by the faster speed and capability of a wired connection. A variety of things can interfere with Wi-Fi radio waves, making your wireless connection weaker and more unreliable.
  • Increased Security – Security threats are everywhere today, and there is no such thing as a perfectly secure network. However, because a wired network relies upon physical connections for access, it is that much more difficult to compromise. Additionally, robust security measures are more easily put in place on a wired network.

Don’t wait until the last minute to think about your wiring needs! Use the information in this brochure ensure your new construction or renovation plans will accommodate 21st century wiring requirements.  View our Business Structured Wiring Standards brochure to learn more or call (563) 245-4000.


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