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Connected communities become thriving communities.

In order to provide super fast and reliable Internet service, Alpine Communications invested heavily in an all-fiber network in the communities of Elkader, Guttenberg, Garnavillo, and Elgin, dubbed the Fusion Network. This infrastructure brings virtually unlimited bandwidth and will be a positive impact on economic development:

  • A fiber network is easier to maintain and delivers 100 times more bandwidth than coaxial, wireless, or copper networks.
  • Businesses will have a greater ability to compete in the global economy due to connectivity that allows more applications such as remote data backups and telecommuting.
  • Quality of life is enhanced by improved access to online entertainment, education, and e-commerce.
  • Homes and businesses can expect an increase in value.

Moving Businesses Forward with Next-generation Technology

We’re local and want our neighbors to thrive!

As your local telecommunications provider, Alpine Communications is deeply committed to the communities we serve and our investment in a private fiber network is clear evidence of this. While you may have options in voice and data providers, only Alpine Communications offers advanced connectivity services from people you know and trust.

Fiber networks help define successful communities just as good water, power, transportation, public safety, and schools have done for decades. We’re excited to bring you this next-generation communications technology.

Fiber To The Home Council

Alpine Communications was the first provider in Iowa to be certified by the FTTH Council’s Fiber-Connected Home review program.

6 Advantages Of Moving To Fiber Transport

Fiber optic transport from Alpine Communications offers powerful advantages to your business:

  1. “Future Proof” Technology: Only fiber delivers enough bandwidth — reliably and at a low enough cost — to meet the increasing demand for more robust Internet, video, and voice services as well as other online applications.
  2. Faster Internet Speeds: What download and upload speeds does your business need? Alpine Communications can provide you with speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second.
  3. Not Affected By Weather Or Terrain: Temperature, humidity, precipitation and wind can all cause interference with microwave radio transmission, and topographical features and trees can also affect its reception. By contrast, our fiber optic network provides reliable connections regardless of environmental conditions.
  4. Guaranteed Reliability: Alpine Communications stands behind our fiber optic network and will guarantee your satisfaction with its performance.
  5. Flexibility and Scalability: A fiber network provides virtually unlimited bandwidth without having to change the fiber. Once your business is connected to our fiber broadband, we can easily increase Internet speeds down the road to accommodate future growth.
  6. Local Service and Technical Support: Our dedicated local support team is always available to you. Count on us to go the extra mile to respond promptly to your questions and get the job done right.

Contact us for more information at (563) 245-4000.


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