Alpine Communications is excited to begin construction of the fiber optic network to all homes and businesses within the city limits of Marquette and the Pleasant Ridge neighborhood. Construction of the Fusion Network will begin May 1, 2018. Construction hours are between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday.  You may see contractors working in the area on Fridays depending upon the weather. Alpine Communications hired West Union Trenching and Finley Engineering to aid them with this project.

Alpine Communications expects minimal to no disruption of telephone and Internet service while we build the fiber optic network. The project from start to finish will take approximately 120 days.

Construction in each area is divided into four stages:

  1. Installation of cable (building the network in your neighborhood)
  2. Installation of drops (bringing the network into your home or business) which will require Alpine Communications and its contractors to be in your yard and attaching equipment to your home
  3. Clean-up will be taking place during installation
  4. Service activation

When asked about the advantages of a fiber optic network, Alpine general manager Chris Hopp said, “The bandwidth capacity of the Fusion Network compared to traditional cable television or telephone infrastructure is like comparing a country road to an 8-lane Interstate —without the pollution!”

When asked about the decision to invest in a fiber network, Hopp said, “Fiber-to-the-Home networks help to define successful communities just as good water, power, transportation, public safety, schools, and other essential services have done for decades.  Our commitment to the vitality of the area along with our desire to meet the needs of our customers is the driving force behind the million-dollar investment we are making in this community.”

Fusion Network benefits:

  • Recruiting new businesses, and hence new jobs. Businesses looking to relocate will see the fiber optic as a compelling asset
  • Highest quality connection offering crystal-clear voice sound and virtually unlimited bandwidth for data services
  • Incredibly fast download and upload speeds that are fantastic for video, audio, web surfing and gaming
  • Greater reliability—no interference during bad weather
  • Increases the productivity of businesses and increases home values which is important to the economic vitality of Marquette 

Sign up for Fusion at If you have any questions, please contact Alpine Communications at (563) 245-4000.