Custom Calling Features

Call Waiting

Call Waiting service alerts you to incoming calls while your line is in use. The service signals you with a tone.

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Call Waiting ID

Call Waiting ID lets you know you have a call and even tells you who it is when you’re already on the phone. When you’re on the phone and someone else calls, first you hear the call-waiting tone followed by a high-pitched tone. Your compatible Caller ID unit or phone screen displays the name and number (in certain cases, number only) of your incoming call. You decide whether or not to interrupt the first call. Caller ID N/N must be present to take advantage of Call Waiting ID.

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Caller ID Name/Number

Caller ID name & number displays the telephone number and the name of incoming callers on a special display telephone or call display unit. Caller ID requires the purchase of a Caller ID box that connects to your phone.

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Telemarketer Screening

Telemarketer Call Screening service intercepts telemarketing calls before your phone even rings. Our Telemarketer Call Screening smart solution recognizes and allows calls from friends and relatives while screening out those unpleasant telemarketing phone surprises.

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Voice Mail

Voice Mail Silver

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Local Telephone Service

Peak Savings Pak

Peak Savings Pak $29.95 per month
Residential Home Telephone with Unlimited Local Calling
Caller ID N/N, Voice Mail Silver, Call Waiting, Call Waiting ID, Telemarketer Screening, 3-way Calling, Call Forwarding, 8 Number Speed Dial
Total if purchased separately =$45.45
Bundle and save $15.50/month!

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Residential Home Phone Service

Alpine Communications provides one-party residence and business lines. The customer is responsible for providing and maintaining a telephone.

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Business Phone Service

Alpine Communications provides one-party residence and business lines. The customer is responsible for providing and maintaining a telephone.

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Long Distance

10/12 Plan

Great plan for larger volume users if you use more than 130 long distance minutes per month! 

  • 10¢ per minute for all of your Interstate calls (outside Iowa)
  • 12¢ per minute for all of your Intrastate calls (inside Iowa)
  • $4.95 monthly fee
  • $4.95
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    Residential Unlimited Long Distance

    Call all you want to anywhere in the continental USA plus Alaska and Hawaii, no calling time restrictions – call any time of the day, any day of the week. Residential subscribers only.


    Alpine Communications Unlimited Long Distance Plan is available only with Alpine Communications’ local service plan. The Unlimited plan is designed for residential voice calls terminating within the United States. The Unlimited plan may not be used to place calls to on-line data services, or Internet access services. The plan cannot be used for any commercial use or for any services that do not involve a person-to-person conversation or voice messages. The Unlimited Long Distance Plan does not include charges incurred for calling card services, calls to International exchanges, or calls to 900 numbers, Directory Assistance, or operator services. Alpine Communications reserves the right to discontinue or change service to customers on the Unlimited Long Distance Plan that are determined to have long distance calling patterns that are atypical of normal residential usage. Usage may be monitored and customer may be required to show compliance if usage exceeds 2000 minutes per month. If the Company determines that usage is not consistent with typical residential Customer usage, the Customer may be subject to discontinuation of this service, an additional fee of 10 cents per minute over 2000 minutes, or offered an alternative plan at the Company’s sole discretion without prior notice. Additional regulatory charges and other fees apply with package.

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